Saturday, February 12, 2011

After Moon River

I got into the ferry at 10 at night. A few boats crossed in the moonlight. I could hear the water lapping against out ferry over the party that was beginning to start on the lower decks.

 In the morning, when I awoke after a disturbed nap of 45 minutes, I was overwhelmed by the amount of boat traffic on the same calm, moonlit river, that I had seen the day before.

Really, Dhaka at its best!


  1. work on your black and white processing. it's a bit too dull and that distracts me away from what's happening in the photographs. try and bring out the details in the shadows a bit and burn the highlights.. they're a bit too blown out.

  2. good start di. yes, would like to see more deatil in the dark.keep going....looking forward...

  3. Good set of images for the story.
    these images would be most effective in a minimum of 24inch size prints, the moment they are shrunk for web size they lose all details, so might have to compensate for the loss by opening up for more details for the web.

  4. Ya I agree with the first comment. The processing is a bit too contrasty for me. The first one of the boy is better than the rest. Try doing more with the cam to get the b/w tone you want so you have less to do in post

  5. Don't want to talk of picture quality, working off the web, on my pad . Do find it interesting that you are driven by narratives in the photos, constructed or derived. The word and picture working in tandem has a warm and naive ring that I enjoy. Eventually you might find one medium talking to you more and you becoming more articulate in it. Till then venture on, search, for detail in the shadows, for peaks in the highlights, don't do it at the expense of the mid tones; for that is where Buddha resides.. Enjoy. Anil.