Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monkey in the Middle


  1. Love the set, what are their names? it's poetic much like the blurry memories of childhood.....i have memories just like that at Maithon dam/dhanbad with me being the monkey around all cool didi's (mostly) n a handful of nasty dada's......

  2. sorry got nostalgic and forgot to give some intellectual 'gainjaami' which in bengali describes faff ...there is a great amount of free spirited compositional balance in the frames which makes them even more endearing !!!!

  3. HAI!
    where are the cotton field pictures.
    we also want to be faymouse. :D

  4. the second photo is beautiful, the 3rd ok, the 1st i'm very indifferent to and the 4th is complete gibberish.
    unlike in the 2nd one the blur, shake etc comes across as a bit too deliberate, in fact the only thing i notice in these photos is the blur and the shake. in the second one however the soft focus and the slight blur are things i don't even care about which is what makes them so important because even though they're playing an important part, they are in no way overwhelming other things in the photos.

    it's important to be free of any rules/systems but here you're going from one system/trap of deliberately playing to the obvious "rules" to another system/trap of deliberately playing to another set of "rules" which you're mistaking to be a kind of freedom from the former. i'd recommend that you at least get control over the first system of the obvious rules of photography, then let go instead of jumping into another trap where you try and make everything blurred.

    i also see that you still haven't left your digital camera back home. it will only weaken your basics more.

  5. actually, these were taken after the sun had set, with the highest ISO set on my camera. I wanted the pictures to be in focus. Thats what I was aiming for actually. But these kids were more interested in playing their game and kept playing as i tried to capture really playful moments in their game (which actually they were supposed to do!). But the light was bad and my shutter speed was slow so this is what came out. The second picture was an attempt at making these kids sit as still as they could, which was impossible.


    I haven't gone home since the last time you wrote. Therefore, there still is no camera. I've been in Hampi for a month now. But I'm going home soon-ish i think. Will get my camera fixed then or at least borrow a friend's camera. Hope you're fine and happy =)

  6. Oh and thank you joy and shilo for your comments!

    Shilo, no cotton candy field pictures! You're faymouse enough already!

  7. do you yourself like the other photos? if so then don't care about what anyone else says. but you can't always be standing next to each and every photo of yours and give explanations/justifications/excuses. the second photo is lovely despite whatever the circumstances were. as a viewer i'm not so interested in the circumstances at least at the first instance... in fact i'd expect someone looking at the photo to be interested in the circumstances/conditions during which you made it only if he or she was affected by the it.
    it is equally important to select photos as it is to make them and it doesn't matter if you only get 1 good photo out of a situation. that in itself is a lot. here i feel that the other 3 are actually diluting the power of the second one. some times less can be more.

    i'm good. will be going to b'lore next month. there is a photo weekend or something being organised